As we approach Thanksgiving in 2020 many of us are living in areas that are seeing an alarming increase in COVID 19 infections.   Those of us who live in NYC are starting to see things shut down again.   The court system has again shut down all jury trials and they will likely not resume until some time in 2021.   It is easy to feel sad about these things.   It is easy to feel COVID fatigue and feel like it is time to just throw out our masks and do what we want to do.  

  BUT, we must remember the virus we are all fighting has no feelings.   It doesn’t get sad or fatigued.  It is the exact same deadly virus it was in March and April.  We must remain vigilant against it.  Keep the masks on, keep washing your hands, keep social distancing even during Thanksgiving.    We can only get through this worldwide pandemic if we all work together.   

  At this Thanksgiving time, be thankful for your health and the health of those around you.  Be thankful for the time you have had to spend with love ones.  Be thankful for the little things in your life that have improved during COVID.   I, myself, couldn’t run a mile when COVID started.   The other day I did a 5 mile run.   I’m sure there is something you can be thankful for.  

  Most importantly, The Ashley Law Firm is still here for you.  We are still working, sometimes from the office, sometimes remotely.   But we are always working. You can always call me at 212-513-1300 and email me at  I’m always happy to answer your questions.   I’m here to help however I can.  Stay safe everyone and have a Happy Thanksgiving. 

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