With the end of summer and cooler weather in store, many are choosing to travel the streets of New York via bicycle. Bicycles and heavy city traffic are a dangerous combination and many accidents occur. Just recently a court upheld a suit against Citi Bike brought by a rider who suffered a head trauma when he flew over the handle bars of his Citi Bike. The victim was not wearing a helmet but his lawyers argued that the company had not provided one and so put him in danger and should be liable.
No one wants to have to suffer from a Citi bike accident. So it’s important when riding to follow some simple safety tips provided by The Department of Transportation for the City of New York:
  1. Always wear a helmet that fits your head properly.
  2. Ride in a straight line, obey traffic signs and signals, and do not weave in and out of traffic. Riding predictably reduces your chances of a crash with a motor vehicle.
  3. Look, signal and look again before changing lanes or making a turn. Establish eye contact with drivers. Seeing a driver is often not enough. Make sure drivers see you before executing a turn or riding in front of a turning car.
  4. Watch out for car doors. Be prepared for the possibility that a car door may be opened in your path. When possible, leave room between yourself and parked cars (3 feet is generally recommended) so that you can avoid a door that opens unexpectedly.
  5. Stay visible. Wear brightly colored clothing for daytime riding. At night, use reflective materials and lights.
  6. Use your bell. Your bell alerts drivers, pedestrians and other cyclists to your presence, it is required by law.
  7. Don’t wear earphones. By law you may wear one earbud, but keeping your ears clear is a much safer choice.
And it’s important to obey the bike laws of New York City:
  1. Ride in the street, not on the sidewalks (unless rider is age 12 or younger and the bicycle’s wheels are less than 26 inches in diameter).
  2. Ride with traffic, not against it.
  3. Stop at red lights and stop signs. Obey all traffic signals, signs and pavement markings, and exercise due care to avoid colliding with pedestrians, motor vehicles or other cyclists.
  4. Use marked bike lanes or paths when available, except when making turns or when it is unsafe to do so. If the road is too narrow for a bicycle and a car to travel safely side by side, you have the right to ride in the middle of the travel lane. Bicycling is permitted on all main and local streets throughout the City, even when no designated route exists.
  5. Use a white headlight and a red taillight, as well as a bell or horn and reflectors.
If you find that you or a loved one has been involved in a bicycle accident in New York City, make sure that you document your surroundings immediately with your smart phone if you are able. And get in touch with a bike accident attorney. You will want to talk to an attorney who has had years of experience bringing accident cases in the City of New York.
The Ashley Law Firm, specializes in bike accident injuries. Mitchel Ashley will fight for your dignity and will hold those responsible and the City of New York accountable for injuries or death and for any wrongful doing. He will work for you to be fairly compensated for everything involved in this ordeal including medical expenses, pain and suffering and lost wages.
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