New York construction cane accidentThe New York City metropolitan area has always been a bustling setting for construction projects; in 2012, nearly 27,000 new building permits were granted alone for the New York City metropolitan area! However, this steady presence of construction activity makes the NYC metro area the center of many NY construction workplace accidents. Of roughly 4,000 workers who were killed in nationwide construction accidents, about 20 percent occurred on construction worksites.

Although NYC construction workplace accidents can occur in many forms, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration has identified four especially-troublesome types of NYC construction accidents that can cause serious occupational injuries and fatalities. By becoming aware of the following “fatal four” types of construction workplace accidents, you will be to take the necessary precautions required to avoid possible NYC construction workplace accidents. If you or someone you know sustained serious injuries resulting from NYC construction workplace accidents, contact the experienced NY workers comp law firm attorneys at The Ashley Law Firm to schedule a consultation with one of our NY injury lawyers.

Fall Construction Workplace Accidents

Fall workplace accidents accounted for over 35 percent of national construction workplace accidents, and occur when construction workers die or sustain injuries from falling off scaffolding, ladders or other elevated work areas. Fall workplace accidents can also occur at construction excavation workplaces where workers fall from steep heights as a result of inadequate fall protection.

Object-Striking Construction Workplace Accidents

Object-striking workplace accidents accounted for 10 percent of construction workplace accidents in 2012, and occur when a worker dies or sustains severe injuries from workplace accidents involving falling tools or insecure loads. You can take precautions against this type of NY construction workplace accident by securing your tools when working on elevated work areas, and to stay away from any load lifting to avoid getting hit by insecure materials.

Electrocution Construction Workplace Accidents

Electrocution workplace accidents accounted for 9 percent of construction-related workplace accidents, and occur when construction workers come into contact with wires from exposed electrical systems or built-up voltage from ground-based electrical systems. Electrocution workplace accidents are such a huge issue that two of the OSHA’s top ten most-cited construction worksite issue violations for 2013 were issues related to electrocution accidents!

Caught-in & Caught-between Construction Workplace Accidents

Caught-in and caught-between workplace accidents accounted for two percent of all construction workplace accidents, and occur when a worker gets caught or in-between construction machinery or workplace loads. Cave-ins, clothing strangulation in running machinery, and being compressed or crushed between rolling, sliding or shifting objects are among the many examples that all under this type of construction workplace accident.

How Our NY Workers Comp Law Firm Can Help

If you’ve sustained a serious bodily injury from a NY construction workplace accident—or are filing a workplace accident claim on behalf of someone who died as a result of one of construction’s “fatal four” types of workplace accidents—it is important to contact experienced NY workers comp law firm to see whether you may have a possible New York workers’ compensation claim. The best New York workers comp firm lawyers of The Ashley Law Firm can help you take the first steps toward determining whether you have a possible NY workers comp claim regarding your NY construction workplace accident  Contact The Ashley Law Firm today to talk with some of our best NY workers comp law firm attorneys for a free consultation to get started.

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