Last year, former N.Y.P.D. Commissioner Raymond Kelly, former Mayor Michael Bloomberg, current Mayor Bill de Blasio and other N.Y.P.D. personnel convened at the Ortiz Funeral Home in the Bronx to honor Kalyanarat Ranasinghe. Ranasinghe, a 71-year-old former telecommunications engineer, had moved to New York City from Sri Lanka with his wife and daughter in 2001, and became a six-year N.Y.P.D. veteran and traffic enforcement officer.

“He was a very nice man,” said Robert Cassar—union president for C.W.A. Local 1182, which represents N.Y.P.D. traffic enforcement agents—in a Newsday article. “It’s a big deal that we lost him. All of the agents are all stunned. This doesn’t happen very often.”

Ranasinghe was killed after being struck by an oncoming truck on November 30th, underscoring the dangers behind NYC truck accidents and NY truck accident cases.

How Ranasinghe’s Fatal NYC Truck Accident Occurred

While performing his duties as a traffic enforcement officer on E. 44th St., Ranasinghe was standing in a parking lane directing holiday traffic when a Freightliner industrial vacuum truck abruptly pulled out of a parking space. As the truck pulled out, the right front side of the truck struck Ranasinghe and pulled him under the tires, trapping him underneath the vehicle.  When a 32-passenger bus tried pulling into a parking spot in front of the truck, it too collided with the truck, leaving Ranasinghe with no room to escape.

Ranasinghe’s death underscores how NYC truck accidents and other New York auto accidents have become an unfortunate part of life for New York City residents.  Latest reports from the N.Y.P.D. state that over 600 large commercial trucks were involved in motor vehicle accidents citywide in October 2013.

“The public doesn’t always hear about the fine work of our traffic enforcement agents, but they feel the effect of that work every day,” Commisioner Kelly told the New York Daily News.  “It’s what enables 8.4 million people to travel through the city safely and peacefully.

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