Whether you’re looking for compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, or other monetary needs, or you’re looking for an attorney to defend you, knowing when to hire a lawyer is very important. You need an experienced New York lawyer who understands your case and the law to help you navigate any dispute resolution, settlements, and trials.

This article is to assist you in knowing when you need a lawyer and what you should look for when you are in a situation in which you may need an attorney. We’ll discuss car accidents, personal injury situations, medical malpractice, and slip and fall accidents.

When you need a lawyer, time is usually a factor, as evidence can be cleaned up and there may be statute of limitations. You also want a lawyer who is professional, listens to you and understands your case from top to bottom, and has experience in your specific area of need. Our goal is to help you and your loved ones present the solid evidence you need to win your claim and get the compensation you deserve.

Car Accidentscar accident lawyer, auto accident attorney

If you or someone you know has been in a automobile accident, you will want a specific car accident lawyer or truck accident lawyer who understands the law and can fight for your claim. There are over 120,000 reported auto accidents per year in New York City, including all boroughs, resulting in some fatalities, injuries and disabilities, medical bills, and lost wages.

The Ashley Law Firm has experienced car and truck accident attorneys that have won compensation in auto accident cases, including damages for:

  • pain and suffering
  • disability and disfigurement
  • loss of quality of life and emotional distress
  • lost wages

We will help gather evidence, including finding witnesses and getting official reports from your accident. Vehicle accidents can often be caused by negligence or poor conduct of the other driver, and you may not be at fault.

Here are some of the most common causes of car and truck accidents in New York City:

  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Texting while driving
  • Distracted while driving
  • Reckless/careless driving
  • Defective vehicle malfunctions on the road

Even careful New York, Yonkers, and New Jersey drivers can get into an accident. Even if the accident is not your fault, you will likely still have to deal with the consequences from the negligence or bad decisions of other drivers.

Car accident injuries are usually most affected by the following:

  • The location of impact (rear/front fender, T-bone, head-on collision)
  • Whether or not you and your passengers were wearing seatbelts
  • The speed you and the other vehicle were going
  • The specific type of vehicle that hit you

If you have been injured in a car accident, serious injuries are expensive, and we know how to deal with insurance companies, other drivers, and the court system to make sure that you get what you deserve. No matter how severe your immediate injuries may seem, automobile accident injuries can have long term effects that you haven’t thought about yet.

The more common types of vehicular accident injuries are:

  • Back and spinal injuries like fractures, herniation’s, and compressed disks
  • Nick injuries, such as whiplash
  • Head injuries, including concussions and even traumatic brain injuries
  • Internal bleeding
  • Broken bones

You need local New York attorneys who know what it means to have pain and suffering from a car or truck accident, and understand how to get you justice and compensation. Call The Ashley Law Firm as soon as possible, to make sure we can get time-sensitive evidence and start immediate proceedings.

personal injury lawyer, perwsonal injury claims, personal injury lawsuit, personal injury attorneyPersonal Injury Cases

If you or a loved one has suffered from any personal injuries in and around New York, call us right away. The Ashley Law Firm has over 30 years of experience winning verdicts and settlements in personal injury lawsuits in NYC.  We’ll investigate your claim, explain your legal options to you and fight to hold those responsible for your injury accountable. Following an accident, valuable evidence can be lost or compromised over time, so it’s important to act immediately.

When you are injured in any way through the negligence or recklessness of others, you are entitled to compensation, in order to pay for any medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and more.

Common Types of Personal Injury cases are:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Construction accidents
  • Slip and fall
  • Bus and train accidents
  • Injuries involving taxis
  • Premises liability
  • Wrongful death

The Ashley Law Firm are professional personal injury lawyers who understand the emotional toll, financial toll, and the stress that being injured can cause a person. We want to stand up for you and claim your rights against careless property owners, site managers, and those at fault in your accident.

When you need a personal injury attorney, you want to find a firm who has extensive experience, such as our 30 years, who have won cases like yours before, who can navigate the settlement and court system to make sure you get all that you deserve. We are here to make this easier on you, not harder. We understand how insurance companies work and how to work with them to get you the most possible money to aid in your recovery. Remember, NYC personal injury attorneys do not charge you for consulting on your case, so you can make the best decision possible for you.

The Ashley Law Firm is fully engaged and always continuing to learn new best practices for personal injury cases, such as how to best protect yourself on social media after being injured. Did you know that anything you post on social media after an accident can be seen by the defense and potentially used against you? For example, photos of them looking happy and having fun have been used against a plaintiff in court while they were suing for pain and suffering. We will help you be careful about social media and to lock down your accounts.

Medical Malpractice

The term medical malpractice refers to a healthcare professional or physician’s failure, either due to actual negligence or accidental error, to provide a patient with the required standard of care, thus causing a patient to suffer injuries, complications, or even death.

medical malpractice lawyer, medical malpractice, medical malpractice attorneyDid you know that that preventable medical mistakes are the third leading cause of death in the United States, coming in behind only cancer and heart disease? Studies show that up to 400,000 preventable deaths happen in U.S. hospitals every year, on top of the 10,000 serious complication cases resulting from medical errors that occur each day. Those are the ones that cause complications or injuries but do not result in deaths. That is another 3,650,000 that aren’t being accounted for in the medical malpractice studies!

The Ashley Law Firm has won over $15 million in verdicts in just the last 2 years for victims of medical malpractice in hospitals and nursing homes.

We trust medical and healthcare professionals, and to get hurt by someone in a position of authority due to recklessness, negligence or carelessness is the height of betrayal. You need an experienced medical malpractice attorney to get you the compensation you deserve. Experienced malpractice lawyers know how to obtain and review your medical records, interview witnesses, doctors, and nurses, and assess medical bills and insurance claims.

Even one instance of medical malpractice is too many, and if you or someone you know have been injured or even died as a result of a medical professional’s action or inaction, then that medical provider should be held responsible.

Some examples of medical malpractice are:

  • Failure to follow proper medical procedures
  • Surgery performed on the wrong patient entirely
  • Surgery performed on the wrong body part of a patient
  • Surgical instruments left inside of a patient
  • Failure to diagnose a medical condition, or misdiagnosis
  • Anesthesia errors, including too much or not enough administered
  • Incorrectly administered prescriptions and/or dosage of medications
  • Bedsores and failure to follow proper care procedures

Our NYC Malpractice lawyers know that it can be incredibly difficult to prove fault with insurance companies, and we understand the intricacies of doing so. We have won many medical malpractice suits both through settlements and in court, and you do not pay us to take on your case.

Slip and Fall Cases

If you or someone you love has been involved in a slip and fall personal injury accident, you should contact experienced slip and fall lawyers right away, as you may not be at fault. Slip and fall accidents are common, and there are thousands of claims made every year in New York City about slip and fall incidents.

Things to consider when you slip and fall and get hurt are:

  • Was it the property owner’s or business’s failure to provide a safe environment for you?
  • Was there poor maintenance in the area where you were injured?
  • Was there a specifically unsafe situation that resulted in you getting hurt and requiring medical care that you should have been warned about?

Common slip and fall injuries happen because of:

  • Slippery surfaces, such as nucleated ice or snow
  • Uneven floors
  • Unlit or too-dark stairwells
  • Construction site defects and tools not stored properly
  • Loose stairs, broken or missing handrails, or missing stair treads
  • Malfunctioning or defective equipment, such as elevators or escalators

In New York, slipping on snow and ice can be unfortunately common, and it is the responsibility of business owners to clear the area in front of their store, and up to homeowners to do so in front of their house. According to the New York City Department of Sanitation, snow and ice must be removed no later than four hours after the end of the snowfall or no later than 11 a.m. if the storm ends overnight. This means you may not be at fault for falling in front of a store on snow, and you need slip and fall lawyers who have successfully brought slip and fall personal injury cases to court and won to help you.

In non-snow slip and fall accidents, property owners have an obligation to let you know about any dangerous or unmaintained area, or have signs up, or maintenance out to fix unreasonable situations. If they knew or should have known about a potentially dangerous situation, and neglected to fix the issue in a reasonable timeframe, you could recover damages for your injuries, including pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, and other damages.

Evidence can be hard to get if you wait in slip and fall cases, so make sure that if you fall in a store, you file an accident report with the manager, write down any information so you don’t forget it, take pictures of your injuries, and make sure to get contact information for any witnesses.

You Need A Lawyer Who Works For You

The Ashley Law Firm does not charge you unless we win money for you. As lawyers in New York City, it is important to us that you know you have found an experienced, friendly, professional attorney who will not rest until you get justice for any car or truck accidents, personal injury incidents, medical malpractice, and slip and fall accidents that you may have been involved in.

We are experienced and have won millions and millions of dollars for our clients and have over 30 years of experience to draw on. We will not rest until you have the compensation you deserve for lost wages, pain and suffering, medical expenses, and more. Call The Ashley Law Firm today for a free consultation!

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