The MTA Subway system covers four boroughs (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens); makes stops at over 469 stations and last year had an estimated total ridership of close to 1.8 billion people. The fact that there aren’t more accidents is truly a testament to the care and efficiency of the those who work for the Transit Authority. But despite all the precautions in place, sadly around 55 people die and another 150 people are seriously injured from being hit by a train. In addition to train-related accidents and deaths, riders are seriously injured by falls due to icy or broken steps and dilapidated handrails leading into the subway. Serious accidents also happen while riders are on the train. Trains have collided with other trains; derailed due to speed; and have struck objects on the tracks all causing riders to be thrown from their seats or hurled from their standing position.
If you have been injured in a subway station or while traveling on a subway train it is important to remain calm and remember that you have every right to be traveling in a safe environment that you have paid to use. Don’t be intimidated by those who seem to be in authority and are telling you that your injuries are caused by your own lack of care. It is of paramount importance to immediately contact an attorney who has years of experience dealing with New York City in subway accident cases.
Just last year the Mitchel Ashley, the principal attorney at The Ashley Law Firm in Manhattan fought for the rights of his client who had fallen down icy stairs on her way to the subway and the jury awarded her $424,000 for her injuries. A good attorney has to know when to file with the courts, know what kind of physical evidence to present and most of all get all the proper medical records in to evidence.
If you or a loved one has been injured in a New York subway station or while traveling on a subway train, contact The Ashley Law Firm and we will assess your case and let you know how to proceed at no cost to you.
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