NYC personal injury attorneys do not charge for consulting you on your case. So you owe it to yourself to spend time finding just the right one. Many people find their lawyers through referrals from friends, but it’s important to remember that the nature of your case, and your personal preference in a working relationship are two very important factors to consider when making the decision about which lawyer you want to represent you.

Is this lawyer an expert in cases like mine?

Personal injury attorneys in NYC cover a wide range of cases including medical malpractice; motor vehicle accidents; construction accidents; wrongful arrest; and police brutality … just to name a few. Check a lawyer’s website. Make sure he or his firm have actually handled a case such as yours, and have been successful. Most lawyers post the results of their cases so people can get a feel for their track record.

Do you want a large firm or a solo practitioner to handle your case?

The thinking that bigger is better may not apply in this situation. A large personal injury law firm which handles 100’s of cases may have a cadre of experienced lawyers in their offices, but the danger of your case being buried in the files is always present. In your search for just the right personal injury lawyer/law firm in NYC to handle your case, you may want to consider looking for a lawyer who is either in a small, well-respected firm, or is a solo practitioner. Those lawyers can only afford to take on just the cases they feel strongly about, because they will be putting all their own money and time into them.

What is this person like to deal with face to face?

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices of lawyer, make an appointment to meet them. This will give you a good idea of who will actually be handling your case. If you meet with a paralegal who works at the firm, this is a good indicator that your case will probably not get the attention it deserves. In speaking with the attorney, gauge the comfort level you feel with them. How eager are they to engage with you and answer questions? A patient, knowledgable expert is important in going forward as you will want to feel comfortable asking questions throughout the process.

And remember, just because a lawyer can buy continuous time on TV and they seem nice in their commercials, does not make them the right fit for you. More often than not, the lawyers advertising are not the ones who you will ultimately handle your case. Make sure you meet the actual lawyer who will be handling your case.

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