Nail salon injuriesAs nail salons become more and more prevalent … popping up on every block, it is important to know that all nail salons are not equal. And that being a patron of a dirty salon with unlicensed manicurists can result in very serious infections. An article in today’s New York Times highlights the number of salons in the New York City area that were charged with employment violations in a recent investigative sweep. Violations ranged from underpayment; free labor; and illegal labor.

Of the 230 salons investigated, 85% failed to keep adequate employment records so investigators had to rely on what salon employees told them they were paid while speaking in front of their employers. What they were able to find out was that in many instances salons had underpaid employees upwards of $100k over the last three years. Investigators found that employees were paid flat fees for working long hours …usually ten hour days… in substandard work environments.

The question becomes, if your nail salon is treating their employees in a substandard way, how interested are they in the cleanliness and professionalism of their salon? The answer is obvious. And that is why doctors are seeing a large number of patients with infections that are directly related to the services they are receiving in nail salons.

Here are some things you can watch for to avoid leaving a salon with a mani/pedi and an infection.

  • Check for cleanliness: make sure the bathroom is clean as well as the salon floor and nail stations
  • Make sure the manicurists are licensed: the license should be displayed at their station.
  • Find out how a salon sanitizes their utensils: utensils should come out of a sealed sanitized bag for each manicure.
  • Does your manicurist wash her hands before she begins working on yours?
  • Does she wear gloves? A real professional will wear non-latex gloves.
  • Are there liners in the foot tubs? A liner guarantees that you are not picking up something from another customer.

Nail salon injuries in NYC are becoming more common. Occasionally, people experience injuries and infections from a manicurist, beautician, cosmetologist, piercing artist, esthetician, waxing specialist and tattoo artist. In some of these cases, the hair and nail salon or practitioner is negligent. If you have been injured during a beauty treatment, call or email us today for a free consultation with our NYC Nail Salon Injury Attorney.

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