Summer means exposed skin, beach dressing, sandals and, of course, pedicures. But if you’re not careful in choosing the right salon and asking the right questions, your feet may be the last thing you want to show off. Here are seven things you need to watch for when getting a pedicure.

  1. Dirty instruments — this is the number one cause of nail fungus
  2. Getting a cut — using a callus remover incorrectly, or scraping away too much skin, can cause cuts which can cause a skin infection.
  3. Over cutting cuticles — cutting a cuticle back too far can cause the skin around the nail to become infected or contract a fungus.
  4. Over filing nail beds — when applying wraps or gels make sure the nail bed is not over filed as this will cause serious infections.
  5. Dirty water — make sure the water looks really clean when the foot bath is being filled. If not, the tub has not been properly cleaned, and is carrying dangerous bacteria that can cause infection.
  6. Say “no” to bubbles — Don’t let the attendant turn the jets on in the foot tub. The jets harbor fungus-causing bacteria because the tubes connecting the baths are difficult to sterilize.
  7. Hot wax — make sure the attendant has checked the temperature of the wax before applying on your skin. Wax that is over heated can cause serious skin burns that leave permanent scars.

Nail salons are everywhere and most likely you have several to choose from right in your neighborhood. Just be careful to choose one that is clean and professional in their services. If you have experienced the pain and damage of fungus or other skin infections as a result of poor sanitary conditions and poor expertise, contact the law firm of Mitchel Ashley. He will be able to advise you quickly if you have a case.

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