Given New York City’s steady construction activity, cranes have become a common sight on NYC’s visual landscape. In fact, according to U.S. Census records from 2012, nearly 27,000 new building permits were issued for new construction projects in the New York City metro area! Unfortunately, the stable and growing presence of NYC construction worksites leaves workers at risk for electrical injuries at work. In its annual report, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) listed two types of electrical accidents at work among its top ten most cited construction accident workplace violations.  Before you head off to work on your present or future construction project, it is important to become aware of the various ways electrical accidents at work can occur on construction sites. If you or someone you know was affected by electrical accidents at work, the experienced NY construction attorneys at The Ashley Law Firm can help determine if you have a possible claim.

Types of Electrical Accidents at Work in Construction

Of the various types of electrical accidents at work, the most common is electric shock. Although electricity often travels through closed circuits, it can travel away toward nearby conductors—including humans.  Whenever a person comes into contact with wires of an electric circuit, one wire of an energized circuit and the ground, a metal part that accidentally becomes energized, or another conductor that is carrying the electrical system’s current, that person will very likely suffer occupational injuries resulting from electrical accidents at work.  This looming electrical accident threat can leave NY construction accident workers susceptible to cardiac arrest, electrical burns, arc or flash burns, thermal contact burns, and can also damage equipment, fragment metal and release flammable gases, short circuits or combustible dusts if the shock occurs near equipment.

Electrical accidents at work in the construction injury can also occur as a result of static electricity, although the scope of occupational injuries is far less severe than the types of injuries and dangers that would result from regular electric shock.  In general, static electricity can cause minor shocks to a person whenever that person comes into contact with an object containing built-up static energy. However, static electricity can lead to more serious injuries when friction caused by day-to-day NY construction activities build enormous amounts static electricity on particular spots of an object, or in causing explosions when concentrated in containers containing flammable or combustible substances.

Since most electrical accidents at work on construction sites occur as a result of unsafe equipment, unsafe wiring installation, and unsafe work practices, you can minimize the risks of NY electrical accidents in construction by insulating exposed wires, storing high-voltage equipment in rooms that only authorized personnel can access, and by creating low-resistance paths that connect wiring systems into the earth to prevent voltage buildups. It is important to discuss the best ways to implement these methods with your employer or supervisor, since the the type of metal used in the wiring system and voltage of the electrical system can impact results. Click here for some additional OSHA suggestions for preventing electrical accidents at work in construction.

How Our NY Injury Lawyers Can Help With Your Occupational Injuries Claim

If you or someone you know sustained injuries or death from one of the serious types of electrical accidents at work, contact the best NY injury lawyers at The Ashley Law Firm. Our experienced NY injury lawyers are very experienced in the area of New York construction accident law,  and will research the facts of your case and relevant laws to determine whether you have a potential NY occupational injury claim based on your occupational injuries. If we do find you have a possible NYC occupational injury claim, our best NY injury lawyers will work with you to craft a legal strategy that will give your claim the strongest chance for succeeding in court.

Contact The Ashley Law Firm today to set up an initial consultation with our best NY construction lawyers and NYC construction attorneys, and let us help you take the first step toward determining whether you have a possible NY electrical accidents at work claim.

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