Because construction sites have always been a NYC metro area staple, NY construction accidents have also become one of the city’s—and nation’s—major concerns. According to the Liberty Mutual Fund’s Construction Worksite Injury Index, slip and trip hazards have become a growing danger behind hundreds of national and NY construction accidents. Before you head off to work on your present or future construction project, it is important to review important information regarding slip and trip hazards as well as various slip and trip hazards tips that can help you avoid potential NY construction accidents. If you or someone you know sustained injuries or death as the result of NY slip and trip hazards, the experienced NY construction attorneys at The Ashley Law Firm can help determine if you have a possible claim.

Slip and Trip Hazards Tips For Avoiding NYC Construction Accidents

Given the amount of unstable and crowded work areas on construction sites, slip and trip hazards are abundant on all NY construction workplaces. Slip and trip hazards occur when a construction employee sustains serious injuries after slipping, tripping and falling as a result of floor obstructions or negligently-maintained flooring.  According to the Liberty Mutual Fund’s Construction Worksite Injury Index, slip and trip hazards resulted in almost 17 percent of disabling injuries in 2010, resulting in $8.61 billion in related employer-paid costs.

Most slip and trip hazards occur as a result of a property owner’s carelessness or negligence in maintaining a safe premises for property visitors. Because a special, legally-recognized relationship exists between employers and employees under the law, construction employers and property owners legally have a right to maintain a safe premises for employees who work on the property, and to also alert construction workers about possible property issues or slip and trip hazards that could lead to a possible NY construction accident. At the beginning of your construction shift, it would be wise to check in with your supervisor to inquire about all possible slip and trip hazards present around your work area. Always exercise caution when walking and make sure to avoid walking into stray nails, tools or machinery, and also be wary at all times about uneven walking surfaces.

How Our NY Injury Lawyers Can Help With Your Slip and Fall Accident Claim

If you or someone you know sustained injuries or death from a NY construction accident involving slip and trip hazards, contact the best NY injury lawyers at The Ashley Law Firm. Our experienced NY injury lawyers are very experienced in the areas of NY construction workplace accidents and New York slip and trip hazards, and will research the facts of your case and relevant laws to determine whether you have a potential NY construction workplace accident claim based on your occupational injuries. If we do find you have a possible NYC construction accident claim from slip and trip hazards, our best NY injury lawyers will work with you to craft a legal strategy that will give your claim the strongest chance for succeeding in court.

Contact The Ashley Law Firm today to set up an initial consultation with our best NY construction lawyers and NYC construction attorneys, and let us help you take the first step toward determining whether you have a possible slip and trip hazards claim. 

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