Lead is a harmful metal, causing severe health problems in people who come into contact with it. Exposure to lead is hazardous for pregnant women and children. Has one of your family members or you tested positive for lead exposure in an NYCHA apartment? There are options available to you, and the first step is reaching out to an NYC housing authority attorney.
According to New York City law, landlords are required to identify and remedy lead paint hazards in apartments where young children live. This law pertains to buildings built before 1960, buildings with apartments built between1960 and 1978 where lead paint exists, buildings containing three or more apartments, and apartments where a child younger than six lives.
Due to the high number of NYCHA lead poisoning cases in apartments, the LeadFreeNYC plan was born. The program will inspect every NYCHA apartment for potential lead, provide children with nurses, target unsafe consumer goods, and link the City agencies together that respond to lead exposure reports. Although the plan will eventually eliminate lead throughout the system of NYCHA apartments and shelters, it doesn’t help people already exposed to the dangerous metal, but an NYC housing authority attorney can help now.
Lead paint can pose dangers in many circumstances. Humans can test positive for high levels of lead when they come in contact with:
  • Peeling or damaged lead paint
  • Dust that comes from lead paint
  • Crumbling plaster with lead paint
  • Rotted wood with lead paint
  • Doors/windows that rub or stick together
  • Surfaces, such as window sills that children have chewed
  • Drinking water that comes from plumbing with lead or contains contaminated soil
Below are the steps you must take If you or your family has been exposed to lead paint.
  • Call an NYC housing authority attorney. They know what steps to take to begin getting you the compensation you deserve. You have a right to get your medical bills paid when you’re the victim of lead exposure in an NYCHA apartment.
  • Call or visit 311 for help locating a doctor, as you require a blood test for lead for a proper diagnosis.
  • It is your responsibility as an NYCHA tenant to report any peeling paint you find in your apartment.
  • You must also notify them if you have a baby or child under the age of six living with you.
  • Fill out and return the Annual Notice form (PDF) [Español]. This form tells your building owner if any children younger than six live in your apartment.
  • Be sure to be proactive and wash window sills and floors often. Practice proper hygiene; wash hands, pacifiers, bottles, and toys frequently.
  • Read what tenants should know about their rights and responsibilities. Lead Paint Hazards In The Home.
If you don’t know what to do when you or your family member have lead poisoning in an NYCHA apartment, get in touch with an attorney with an established track record handling cases like yours. Contact Mitchel with the Ashley Law Firm for a free consultation. 718-715-4729, mitchel@theashleylawfirm.com or contact us here.

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