NYC Environmental Accident Lawyer

Environmental spills and violations can cause serious injuries and illnesses for those exposed to these toxins. The severity of illnesses ranges from respiratory problems to cancer and can take months or years after exposure for symptoms to show up.

If you’ve witnessed a spill or violation, there’s a simple process you can follow to make sure the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is aware of the situation and resolves it. Read on to learn how to report an environmental spill and what to do if you’ve been exposed to harmful chemicals due to someone else’s negligence or carelessness.

How to Report an Environmental Spill or Violation

The EPA breaks spills into two categories – emergencies and violations. An emergency poses an imminent and immediate threat to public health.

An emergency would be something like an oil spill, which poses a sudden threat to everyone nearby. A violation is along the lines of improper storage or disposal of hazardous material that over time, will leave cause adverse effects. 

Types of Spills

Environmental spills have different reporting guidelines and contact information depending on the categories they fall under and the type of threat or pollutant. 

  • For oil/chemical spills, radiation emergencies or biological discharges, contact the National Response Center at 800-424-8802. These threats pose a danger to public health, and you must report them immediately once you are aware of them.
  • If an organization is misusing pesticides in your area, contact the National Pesticide Information Center at 800-858-7378.
  • Lead-based paint violations have different reporting regions. Visit the EPA’s lead-based paint information page and click on your region to report a violation. 
  • For chemical spills and hazardous materials, call 800-424-9300.

According to Pesticide Environmental Stewardship, organizations that deal with hazardous materials have a responsibility to control, contain, and clean up such materials in the case of a spill. No matter the size of a hazardous spill, an organization that handles such materials should be following proper protocol for preventing further harm once an accident has occurred.

Can an Environmental Accident Lawyer Help?

While it’s important to report an environmental spill or violation to the EPA, by the time you discover such an incident, you’ve already been exposed to these harmful chemicals. Organizations that deal in such chemicals have a duty to the public to handle these hazardous materials properly. When they don’t, they have an obligation to make things right with the individual.

An NYC environmental accident lawyer can fight for your rights and ensure you receive the restitution you deserve after exposure to harmful chemicals. Compensation can include covering medical bills, lost wages (both current and future), and pain and suffering.

Working with an attorney from The Ashley Law Firm means counsel you can count on. Plus, you don’t pay the law firm anything unless you receive compensation for your injuries. For your free consultation, call 718-715-4729.

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