NYC Police Brutality

#SayHerName Bringing Attention to Fatality of Shantel Davis and Black Females Resulting from Police Brutality Cases

Several years ago, in June of 2012, an African-American female, Shantel Davis, was allegedly driving recklessly and erratically through Brooklyn, running multiple red lights before crashing. Two police officers approached her in plainclothes and attempted to prevent her from leaving the scene in her car. One of the officers had his arm through her window as the car began to move forward. She was immediately shot one time in the chest, at which point Davis exited the vehicle, saying she didn’t want to die. She was pronounced dead shortly afterward at the hospital. There were not any weapons found in Davis’ car.
Black Women & Girls Dying from Police Brutality in Growing Numbers
Although instances of unarmed black men being shot and brutalized by the police have gained national attention and it’s been proven over and over again that black people suffer police violence at much higher rates than other races, even when they are unarmed, there is still another discussion to be had. The number of black women victims continues to grow, but yet the attention continues to get lost due to the high numbers of black men killed at the hands of the police. 
#SayHerName Calling Attention to Black Females Dying 
#SayHerName is bringing attention to the lost lives of Shantel Davis and other African-American women and girls who have died as a result of a police shooting in America, and who would all most likely still be alive if the color of their skin happened not to be black.
Hiring a New York Police Brutality Attorney Is the Way to Go
People are feeling left without choices when it comes to holding a New York police officer or the NYPD responsible for reckless and excessive force resulting in injury or death, whether black or white, male or female. Hiring a police brutality lawyer is the right thing while we seem to be faced with racial profiling, the “blue wall of silence”, and the blatant disregard some officers have for people’s civil liberties. 
We’ll Help You File Your Civil Rights Violation Claim While Seeking Justice and Compensation
If you are mistreated and hurt due to New York police brutality, then it’s time to get us on your side. If your rights have been violated, you have the legal right to file a civil rights violation claim against the police department and the officer. Our New York City police brutality attorneys can help you do this. Filing this claim can lead to being awarded a financial settlement for damages, pain, and suffering. 
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