Most recently, our law firm settled a case involving a 22-year-old female exchange student from Japan who was involved in a painful pedestrian knockdown case with a city garbage truck several years back. She studied at a school in Montana and on December 26, 2012, was visiting New York City. She was set to depart the next day on 12/27 to go home. 
On the morning of the 26th, at 10:15 am, she stepped into the crosswalk of East 50th Street, where she was struck by a garbage truck that was turning. The garbage truck hit her, knocking her to the ground and running right over her ankle in the street. 
The incident broke her ankle, at which point a fat embolism traveled to her brain. The young exchange student was hospitalized for one long week before she was able to make her trip back home. Due to the circumstances, she did not want to return to the United States for the court trial. Even with our client staying in her home country and out of the courtroom, we were able to settle her NYC pedestrian knockdown case for $800,000.

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