The Metropolitan Transit Authority of NYC requested a confidential settlement before the beginning of a trial in a case involving a 65-year-old client of ours. The woman passenger tripped on the D train doorway at the 7th Avenue station. She was transferring from the E train to the D train when she encountered the doorway that was over 3 inches higher than the platform. Our legal team retained an expert for the case who clearly demonstrated the vertical gap of more than three inches was well beyond the acceptable height limits of the doorway, debunking any argument from the other side regarding the incident. 
During her fall through the D train doorway, our client suffered a severed artery and had to be rushed to the hospital before she lost too much blood. The confidential settlement will cover her current and future medical costs, as well as the personal pain and suffering she’s endured due to the nature of the fall and alleged negligence of the MTA building codes and initiatives.
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